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We are the only Argentine supplier of non-genetically modified (GMO) soybeans operating in the main producing countries of South America.

“kümen + agro”

Kumagro was born out of the association between GDM (Don Mario Group), which provides its exclusive genetics for non-GMO soybeans based on its R&D program —the largest one in South America—, and Grobocopatel Hnos. S.A., which facilitates marketing through its exclusive port, which is 100% non-GMO.

Its name comes from “kümen” which is an aboriginal word related to what’s good and useful.

We produce and market high-quality non-GMO soybeans for the Feed & Food industry, ensuring documented traceability and environmental care.

We are suppliers of high-quality non-GMO protein for the entire Feed & Food industry, while monitoring and ensuring good agricultural practices throughout the value chain.

∙ Integrity


∙ Respect


· Quality assurance regarding our exclusive non-GMO port in Argentina.

· Sustainability in origin

· Genetics owned by founding partner

We guarantee the quality of our product from its very source and in a sustainable manner, based on the growing demands and needs of consumers, driving and effecting real change.

We produce non-GMO soybeans in Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay without any impact on afforestation, ensuring and selecting the qualities required by our customers, with multiple shipping periods throughout the year by means of our 100% non-GMO port.